Our goal is to promote and support all scientific activities that use SCUBA diving as a resource.

Starting at dive training, we are committed to excellence. Thus, our students use state-of-the-art dive equipment and learn adequate dive techniques for their working environment.

For the researcher, our centre assists in a systematic approach. You can find expertise and advice to plan and execute scientific tasks. We also help in creating and implementing an efficient and safe way to collect unbiased data.

Our scientific dive services are available for various levels of expertise. Be it the scientific community – from undergraduate students to researchers -, to the general public in Citizen Science projects.


Diogo paulo

Manager, Diving Safety Officer, Instructor examiner and trainer 

Holder of a Phd degree in Conservation and Ecology at the University of the Algarve.

Instructor Examiner and Trainer for Global Underwater Explorers.

Developed and implemented scientific diving programs, which he teaches at the Centre for Marine Sciences of the Algarve (CCMAR).W

orks as scientific diving safety officer at CCMAR, and serves as vice-president at APORMC, Portuguese Association of Scientific Divers.

Guilherme Rosado


Master Degree in Marine Science and Climate Change. Global Underwater Explores (GUE) diver, JJ CCR diver, TRIMIX diver, Scientific Diver, SCUBA Schools International (SSI) Instructor. At the present time, he teaches at the Centre for Marine Sciences of the Algarve (CCMAR) and works as scientific diver.

João Encarnação


Phd in Marine Sciences. Scientific Diver. Expert in Underwater Photography and Video.

Trimix Diver, JJ CCR diver, GUE diver, SSI Instructor. 


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