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SCVBA introduces underwater science in a variety of topics – from shallow Seagrass meadows and Seahorses to Gorgonian corals reefsKelp forests and Shipwrecks! You will assist in real-time research and log scientific dives, learn about several topics and increase global scientific knowledge! 

With this initiative, we intend to have a long-term monitoring program of these important marine habitats and species and influence decision-making entities.

Research teams cannot be everywhere at all times. You can provide us with your time, eyes, ears and data; we can provide you with a different dive programme, scientific training, a peek at the scientific world, knowledge on a variety of topics and a diploma!

Pesky Scientists

We offer an amazing scientific SCUBA experience to those who never experienced SCUBA diving. Focused on teens aged 12 until 18. 

At first, we introduce the state of the oceans. That is, what is being done in conservation and what they can do to help.

Secondly, the students themselves will “transplant” corals, kelps or seagrasses and “recover” an impacted area.

Finally, they repeat the transplants underwater in Try Dives. In other words, the pesky scientists transform into heroes that recover an impacted ecosystem! At the same time experiencing the challenges and enthusiasm of underwater science.




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